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Floor Care


CGF is locally owned and operated on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida. We are a full service provider, and we strive to provide oustanding service and care. From custom specifications to frequency, everything we do is tailored to meet your needs!


In addition to professional cleaning, we also provide maintenance services. Because we are able to take care of various handyman jobs while we are on site, we are often able to provide these services for much less than you'd pay by hiring multiple different specialists. We can keep our costs down because we are already there to clean, and we can pass those savings directly to you. Whether it is replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing a leaky faucet, or patching that dent in the wall, we can keep your home or office clean, looking sharp, and working smoothly.


CGF also specializes in maintaining all types of carpeted and hard-surface flooring. Whatever the task, our goal is to use the most environmentally friendly methods to get the job done right.


“My office stays so clean that I'd be comfortable with my mom stopping by any time.”


Dr. Dennis Mayeaux, Gulf Coast Physician Partners

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" It's a comfort knowing that the same person that helps me keep my home clean can also help keep my husband's honey-do list from getting too long."
Harolyn Pollard, Milton